I Made A Jacket!

Hello to All of You!

I hope you are all well. Because if you asked me – I AM ECSTATIC!!! I made myself a jacket and the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming! I keep admiring how beautifully seamless my collar insertion is – the inside of my jacket is almost as nice as the outside. That’s proper stitch obsession for you  – to admire the inside of your garment. If you’re a sewist, you’ll understand…

I have a coat on my #makenine2018 list and it seems like a hedgehog with spikes all around, you have no idea how to go about this strange creature… It’s just scary! It seems like a pretty big task, and I’ve never done anything that complex. But in fact, my wardrobe could use with some cosy outerwear. So one evening, while mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest I spotted this cool sewing pattern by German designer Schnittchen that got me intrigued. I was actually intrigued by quite few patterns by that designer, so you might see more Schnittchen stuff here in the future.

The Eve jacket looked a bit ambitious for my skill level, so I ordered some wine colour fleece from MinervaCrafts. The color is amazing and the fabric is good quality. Fleece is pretty inexpensive, so I thought that if i screw it up, it won’t cost me much. Except my hurt pride 😉

So far in my dressmaking journey I have sewn with few of Tilly and The Buttons patterns which have the most amazing, detailed instructions. For a simple top, you get a 20 page booklet with pictures. Spoiled rotten! The instructions for Eve jacket were half page in 10 skimpy steps. So I’ve done a lot of head scratching… But eventually I figured it all out, which I am very proud of. Once I’ve got to the end, there was a note about detailed step by step photo tutorial available on their web page… So note to myself: read the instructions in full before you touch your fabric! LOL!

I am absolutely in love with my Eve jacket! It’s a nice relaxed fit, which makes it very comfortable. And the length looks nice both with pants as well as dresses / skirts. And it is oh so cosy!

I have done two modifications to the pattern: for the back and sleeves I doubled my fleece as the jacket isn’t lined. I live in Ireland and it’s pretty cold here, so that additional layer is very appropriate. It made it a bit tricky in places to sew 4 or more layers of fleece, but I managed. The other modification were in seam pockets. A jacket without pockets just does not seem to make any sense, does it?!

The only thing I’m regretting is that I haven’t used nicer fabric. If I only knew that I wasn’t going to make any mistakes!